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Our HWS family would not be complete without the handsome doggy additions of Bowie (a charcoal labrador) and Chase (well mixed lab and blue heeler).  Whenever Binge or I feel blue, Bowie is always available to provide us with a free tongue-bath and Chase heroically tells us "It's okay, human".  These two are always up to something new and through our outdoor adventures and daily life in the HWS these pups are the source of a generous amount of inspiration and humor.  Chase and Bowie are never shy and would like to share with you their lives as the hard-working Hunger Doggios. 

Bowie would like to insert:  Fan mail, bones, toys, etc., etc. etc. will be happily accepted... Please PM "mom"/WidgiePidge for an address.  Play-time will be happily recorded and posted for all to enjoy.

 Times for introductions......

Chase is a working breed and our "first born".  Ever since puppy-hood, his good looks have caught the eye of many.  At 13 weeks old, Chase had been passed from family to family on Craigslist and he finally found his fifth home in our household.  Let me just say bluntly.... If you are looking for a puppy :  1.  Make sure you have time to raise, occupy, and train a puppy.  2.  Know the characteristics of your breed and make sure that it is a good fit for your lifestyle and family situation 3.  Don't just get a puppy because it is cute  4.  Do not lock a puppy in it's crate for 18 + hours a day  5.  Do not let your children (or your dog) harass the new puppy.  Can you tell that this list is not only generated from common-sense, but also from the hell that Chase had to live through until he came to live with us?

Pictures from Chase's first Craigslist ad at 6 weeks of age, much too young to be separated from Mom

Chase's first day at HWS

For the first weeks of his life, Chase was in a new home every 1-2 weeks.  He had no idea of consistency and even after we promised him "We'd never do that to you, buddy" he still had a glance over his shoulder and whined anytime we'd  leave him alone.  It took him at least a month to give us any amount of trust on this issue. 

Chase's manners when we first got him were atrocious.  He wanted to own the couch, ate our carpet and baseboards, peed on the floor non-stop (not housetrained and also had a UTI), and bit at our feet and ankles and hands.  The lady who we got him from had a very dominant personality and seemed to challenge Chase (in a bad way).  She seemed used to yelling, using her weight physically, and giving warnings and threats.  When you are training a dog (especially a very smart independent dog) you should know that you want to dog to work with and for you.  You do not want to threaten it or try to argue over dominance.  You want to establish very clear and fair boundaries and rules.  Chase is not the kind of dog to "take it".  He is incredibly intelligent and will fight back if he is being put in a bad place.  I could tell he'd been in a bad place for a long time.  I looked over at Chase, across this rude woman's deck, and he was sitting in the yard chewing on a leaf.  He was trying to play with her Akita also- but her Akita was a grumpy old ***** and wasn't having it.  Chase crossed the yard and walked up to me and sat in my lap.  $300 was a small price to pay for a life.  I had a feeling she did this sort of thing a lot - Selling and re-selling dogs/puppies on Craigslist.  I was just glad that we were able to get Chase off the market when we did.  He needed someone and we are certainly lucky to have him in our lives. 

Lots has happened since then.  At the end of this month, Chase will be having his first birthday.  He has requested Peanut butter treats and a pool party... We will see!  He no longer chews our carpet or baseboards, but he does often ingest less than edible things.  On one occasion he discovered a tasty gameboy controller and with much dedication continues to destroy his expensive crate pads.  He also eats sticks "for the fiber".  We can't give him soft toys like ropes or things that are stuffed because he will eat them and pull them apart.  His favorite thing to chew on is rib  bones and he has several West Paw Design toys that he really enjoys using for tug-of-war with Bowie. Chase is now house-trained and no longer sick.  He does have his moments where he throws temper tantrums but I believe they are more childish than out of fear.   

Chase and Bowie also met Diane, The Dog Trainer.  We go to lessons every 1-2 weeks and Diane shows Mom how to handle two crazy pups.  We are working on basic obedience (not pulling on the leash, greeting people and dogs, coming when called, off-leash obedience, sit/stay/what-have-you) and so much more. Chase and Bowie, like any good students, are always learning something new. 

This is Diane.

She has trained the "un-adoptable dogs" for shelters to make them able to find new families.  She also specializes in training rescued dogs and certain *cough *cough smart, independent breeds- like huskies and working dogs **Chase.  She is very patient with them and answer's all of Mom's questions. 

Chase is currently working on manners around other dogs and greeting dogs/humans politely.  Both pups are working on long-leash discipline including staying in a down or sit position regardless of where Mom is and coming when called. 

Long lead training -  The long leads give a similar experience to being off-leash but allows for easier corrections and ensures recall.

Tricks are Chase's forte.  He can spin, stand, sit, lay down, come, back up, slow down, roll over, switch sides, go under a leg, go over a leg, jump, drop something, show me his belly, give a kiss... He's super smart and constantly wants something.... ANYTHING... to do.  He is very high energy and gets bored easily so his twice-daily walks are very important for keeping him happy and healthy. 

Chase loves the river and the dog park and running as fast as possible.  He also enjoys sharing toys with Bowie.

As much as Chase would like to steal the show, we will also be introducing Bowie tomorrow.  The pups are begging me to take them out for another walk and of-course dinner is to follow.  Stay tuned :)




Binge has been very generous with pics of the dogs on slack. You have some great pups. Chase has an amazing smile.

Such cuties. They are awesome dogs and I'm glad I got to meet them in Asheville :)

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"Why thank you" *GRIN*

The more friends the merrier :)

--- Quote from: Zanduby on Wed, 03 August 2016, 17:49:29 ---:dogegrin:

Binge has been very generous with pics of the dogs on slack. You have some great pups. Chase has an amazing smile.

--- End quote ---

Ugh, I've never owned a dog but always wanted to. This post makes me want some even more. Such lovely dogs.


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