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--- Quote from: JP on Sun, 01 July 2018, 20:31:59 ---Plot twist: tp4 was a female at keycon  :))

--- End quote ---

There were actually quite a bunch of females there..  TP4 would be all anime-nose-bleed shocked.

I enjoyed seeing some of the pics on discord. Overall sounds like everyone had a great time. I am hoping to make the next one. Cheers!


--- Quote from: Puddsy on Sun, 01 July 2018, 15:54:27 ---nice

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i wonder if you took out all of puddsy comments under 3 words what his post count would be

under 500 for sure

wow there's so many keycaps in one area... crazy!

I shouldn't have looked these pics. So many amazing artisan key caps I want now.... Gah!


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