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Trying to get back on my feet, so I thought I would give this a go...

1) Winner(s) will be chosen from the list of posters after I open this thread and before I close it again. Rinse repeat.

2) Rules for each will be posted before I unlock the thread. They might be interesting they might be boring.

3) It's like talking to that girl you like. Don't PM me, I'll PM you.

4) Why? Because sometimes it be like that.

5) Shall we get started?

6) Yes, yes we shall...

7) Those familiar with this type of sale already know the hurt. For those that don't, I offer you a bandage for your bum.

Clack Happens #1

Cold Hearted (ice-o-tope blue with red eyes) Topre compatible skull.

$50 in the US, $55 international.


1) The 3rd reply wins after I unlock and before I lock the thread. Keepin it simple to start.

2) I will Pm the winner with details.

3) I forgot, but I'm sure I'll screw something up.

4) Boohoo reply #2 and #4. lulz



poopity scoopity


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