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AZERTY keycaps... Where to find

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Hello everyone! I am a new mechanical keyboard enthusiast but living in Belgium I have one issue... AZERTY keyboards.

Would you know great places where I can find AZERTY keycaps?

And also please, when creating keycaps... Think about us... Poor AZERTY users. You would make our life much easier.  ;)

The latest one I saw taking care of us was 'EPBT the one' and each time is see a great keycap that match my taste... No AZERTY.

Sorry if there was an existing thread around this... But I did not find any.

And enjoy your Thock... :)

Philippe aka Toxine  ;D

When you say AZERTY, you mean ISO Be or ISO Fr ?

I am more in line with the BE as I am living in Belgium but even a FR one would be welcome :)

A compatriot :cool:

To be honest it's almost impossible to find new sets in ISO Be or Fr (except rare exceptions like the set you quote).

So you have to try to find old Cherry keyboards to get the Alphas back.

welcome to the hell of french customers who don't want to switch to ISO-EN or even ANSI :) I saw the same ones. There are some sets on aliexpress but not a lot. Glorious is making some ABS caps in ISO-FR but you may not like them.
Like some said on other forums : "if you  find a ISO-FR keycaps kit, buy it because you will not find another one".

As for market share, the "kit baguette" for EPBT the one did not even reach 100 units from the Group By so i understand why others are not proposing it ... Also you still can buy it if you want as I can see : it will be produced but not for more than 100 units.

An other option would be to switch to blank keycaps with some special mod to make it fancy but you may not like it.


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