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Hey GH,

I was curious what people's preferences are around PBTFans Text Icons or Icons. (eg. My personal preference is the text icons, but keen to hear opinions from others!

I was also thinking of attempting to make a set soon which would have an option for Hiragana and normal Alphas. I was wondering though if the text icons appear too cluttered with the Hiragana? (eg.

Thanks for talking about it!

LASERman Projects:
For one I think you meant text mods vs icon mods not "text icons".

I love to see icon mods become more avail on Cherry profile. They very ascetic and clean, this is also avoiding kerning issues with text mods found on cheap keysets (including mentioned PBTFans WOB/BOW).

Not sure about sub legends and mods but icons are usually less cluttered.

I find their kitting weird. I want the retro Europe look: icons only on Tab, Shift, Enter and Backspace. Text on the rest.

Like this except text on Caps Lock:

For that I'd have to buy two base kits.

Perhaps have the alphas and mods in different kits.


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