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Blank plate material in EU?


Can anyone recommend a source for a decent variety (e.g. POM, FR4, aluminium etc) of reasonably priced plate materials? Preferably based in the EU. A good seller on something like Aliexpress or Amazon is fine too, just not anything on eBay. Depending on pricing and shipping costs I'm open to either small purchases or potentially up to around 100 sheets of material at a time.

Are you looking for raw materials to cut / cnc yourself??? Mostly replying to listen to sugestions for a future proyect. I checked on my country's Amazon and lots of metacrilate are other plastics maybe not safe for my laser. Maybe try mdf is an awesome material for prototyping and really easy to find locally.

Yeah I want to cut my own plates to customise some boards which I bought before going all-in on split space bar layouts. So I'm looking for somewhere which sells 1.5mm thick sheets in decent sizes. Materials like aluminium, polycarbonate, FR4, carbon fibre etc. If there's somewhere within EU or with decent delivery costs to Europe with a variety of materials and reasonable bulk pricing it would be great.

I have a lot of other projects I work on though, so I'm not just looking for typical keyboard plate material. I've found some luthiery supply stores which are good for decorative/figured wood veneers but the available thicknesses tend to be limited to those typical for musical instruments. Aliexpress as some decent sources for shell veneers (abalone, mother of pearl) but the ones I've found aren't any good for buying in bulk.

Hi again, I spent some time yesterday and today researching as yesterday I ordered some pcbs. I focused on laser safe materials mostly on Spain based shops and for this thickness I only found MDF on 1 store, POM at 80/m2, chinese abs at Amazon and that's all, aluminium and copper fr4 too but isn't suitable for me.

Then I remembered that 42keebs (which for me is a big reference and is also european) also creates plates and cases. They use 2mm and 3mm methacrylate which is what I'll use.


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