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Simplest mod ever, came out really nice

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Haha I did this exact "mod" on my Rosewill with a black Sharpie.

The blue LED is WAY too bright, I would compare it to the brightness in those little LED key-chain flashlights!!

I love the comparison pictures you took. Just looking at the bright one makes me want to squint my eyes because I know how it feels to look into one. Hahah
The white LED on the steelseries 7g are pretty bad too. That thing is so bright, if the leds are still on at night they illuminate the ceiling.

I can't sleep with all the leds from devices in my room so everything is taped up. It looks really tacky. Even my router and printers and everything else that has light is taped up.

i modded a abs m1 (which i believe same as rosewill maker, whoever they are) and even through electrical tape the led shined through.

Looks dope.

(yes, I am spamming posts so I can see classifieds)

I did the exact same thing with my fan controller, where the LEDs was way too bright. I painted them with a less dens marker, thus not hiding them too much. but the light ring looks cool.


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