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wiki image thread

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upload images for the wiki in this thread

edit: we have turned on image uploading on mediawiki, so adding images to this thread is not required to inline images in wiki articles

stolen from gimpster for temporary testing  8)

hmm, smf doesn't spit out direct links to files.  how can i get a path that ends in png so MW parses it correctly? Imgur doesn't work either, MW parses the file name as part of the path to the image I think.

It ain't pretty

And the damned editor hides the fu.

And it don't end in png anyhow.... hmmm.

All I see is the image I attached to my previous post... right click > copy image URL and open image in a new tab both give me the SMF php link.

Since I'm not an admin I can't see where the files are even supposed to go, let alone add files to that location. Is there an uploader/file manager for the wiki in the works?

it seriously needs to end in png for MW to parse it as an image? :/

y u so obtuse MW?!?!

if worse comes to worse, we can just flip on image uploading in MW. what i was trying to avoid was having two image repos, basically.

there may be a nice image hardlinker package attached to an SMF mod. i'll poke around a bit.


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