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Nemui by Banchoo

Hello! I've been working on my first project and would love to get some feedback on the design/colorways.

This set is inspired by Aqua from the Kingdom Hearts series, GMK Aqua hopes to allow you to really bring her outfit to your keyboard. 
The current colorways are up for debate, so give me some ideas if you think they can be improved! 


As of now, there are 3 custom colors:

Pantone 2122C - The light blue used for R3 and upper R4 and the Alphas text

Pantone 7452C - The darker blue used for R1 and R2

Pantone 223C - Pink! Aqua has pink straps running across her chest, so I thought it'd be nice to include it as an accent on the Esc key.

With the custom colors, there are 2 non-custom colors:

GR1 - The white in R1

N9 - The grey used for the Alphas and Modifiers text


Base - Aqua

Spacebars - XIII

Novelties - Kingdom


Nemui by Banchoo

To Do!
Finish Novelties
Make final decision on colors
Make an IC
More Renders, collabs? Vendors?

This is still a very initial design! so I won't make a feedback form until I have more answers!

PLEASE let me know what you think below! I'm really looking forward to what everyone has to say.

If anyone wants to help me with this project, please let me know! This is my first time designing and running a GB, and I really want to make this successful so ANY help is welcomed!

List of things people said:
Two blues may be too much, maybe just one?
alphas are dark, maybe a different alpha set?
Bottom row white is a little strange, maybe make F1-F4 and F9-F12 white and the bottom row blue?

Multiple color schemes have been made, will slowly update and see how it goes.
Will ask a question about a white alpha set with grey text in IC.

Signature Banner!
If you would like to support this project, copy and paste this into your signature! Thanks!

--- Code: ---[url=][img width=400 height=120][/img][/url][/url]
--- End code ---


Update History:
1/4/21 - Feedback thread first posted!
1/11/21 - BIG UPDATE, updated colorways, minor change to base kit, added novelties, spacebars, and signature!
1/12/21 - Added row and size indicators to sets.


Where does the black/grey come from? I do not see much of it on the character.

This is for Aqua from Kingdom Hearts! Not Aqua from Konosuba, so the grey is supposed to be her main top and tights color while the blues are meant to represent her hair and skirt and the white is meant to represent her sleeves and sash.

Really like the design but I agree the colors could use some work. Maybe make the gradient less drastic between the blues or just stick to one shade of blue?


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