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[IC] Boston/Cambridge September 2022 Meet Up at Cambridge Public Library

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Hello there!

I am interested in creating another Boston meetup post college orientation and for those who were less fortunate to be unable to attend the Cannonkeys meet up on August 20th.

The location of this meet up would be at the Cambridge Public Library at their new Main Library location. They have free community spaces that can accommodate up to 50 people in a closed room with tables. This meeting would have a hard cap at 50. The library is located a short walk from the Harvard Square T stop on the red line. Ideally, when they open up times on Sunday after Labor Day, we would plan for that date, the 18th or 25th so those traveling via car would be able to park for free.

Currently, I have the 18th locked in at 1-4pm. This is a Sunday and would allow for those who wish to grab dinner with friends or new friends a way to socialize.

I have a high interest in creating a student based and Boston keyboard community and I hope you do too!


Location Information:
Cambridge Public Library - Main Library Location
449 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02138
Hours: 1-4pm on September 18th, 2022
Travel Information: Metered street parking free, Harvard Square Red Line T Stop

Sign me up! Always up for a meetup!!!

okay okay okay okay okaaaaaaaay

yes please

meetup hype :p


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