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Which new keycap do you prefer? Shiokaze or Meow Xmas keycaps


We bring 2 new keycap sets this week, they are Shiokaze and Meow Xmas keycaps.

Both of them include a total of 113 keys, the keycap set covers NuPhy Air60, Air75 and the unreleased Air96, and also supports most compact mechanical keyboards.

Profile: nSA profile
Type: dye-sub pbt keycaps

Both actually. they're amazing!

raily Rusive:
The choice between the Shiokaze and Meow Xmas keycaps will depend on the individual's personal style and preferences.

The Shiokaze keycaps have a minimalist design that features a neutral color palette, making them a good choice for those who prefer a simple, understated look.

On the other hand, the Meow Xmas keycaps feature playful, festive designs that are inspired by the holiday season. These keycaps may be a good choice for those who enjoy adding a touch of fun and creativity to their keyboard setup.

Ultimately, the best keycap choice will depend on the individual's personal style and the look they are trying to achieve with their keyboard.

The Moew Xmax is really cute however too seasonal

so I'd prefer the shiokaze


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