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Post your life any pictures !

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Post your life any pictures

How about today ?

Post your today  :thumb:

Whats you eat today ?

Whats your work today ?

What happend to you today ?

You can post up any life story pictures here  :thumb:

Picture can be show your life and sharing to many friends

If you are meet to bad day, many friends encourage to you.
If you are meet to good day, many friends cellebrate to you.

Do not hesitate take a pictures, its left a long time your mind  :)

Bronuty....even your PCBs look better than mine. I'M SO JEALOUS!

I don't see 'all' here, bro.

i was got today !!

Korea Newest Thumb V.1.1 PCB NO BEZEL

SP inventory keycaps !!!

And.. Mega size 1/48 GUndam ^---^

that is a blissfully perfect action figure, sir.


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