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I recently started a project to built my own 60ish keyboard and have the project placed on git now. Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think! Project can be accessed here with all details:

Some core features

* 60-something layout with 61 keys
* Unified daughterboard, QMK support
* Case design (not done yet) which will be laser-cut with a layer of felt or wool for damping
* spring-mounted plate
* Hotswap sockets
The current status which will get updates here:

* Layout done
* PCB designed and ready for prototyping
Currently, I plan to release everything on git, and I do not plan on commercially selling parts. However there are good chances of leftover PCBs or case parts since I wont fabricate just one. Let me know if you’re interested but I will wait prototyping of PCB and case before getting anything ready.


Added details on case and mount design, feel free to check out the details on git. Current CAD render attached

PCBs have arrived and work, plates have been ordered. Case will be next. Again, see git for more details!

Case fabrication is on the way, just the plate and the weight are missing  :D

So close to the perfect layout (split BS and an extra switch next to Return would be it, if I could ANSI.  There's no room for the left ISO key :() and I love the logo :thumb:


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