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Warhammer 40k seems like a fun hobby for people who connect with friends IRL and for the player who has lots of personal time to invest in a hobby.

I've always been a fan of 40k from since 3rd edition, but never had the steady hand and time to build, glue and paint an army.

I play most of the 'modern' games though - does that count?

Gladius is free on Steam during this weeks Skulls events.
Been on my wishlist for a while, so if you enjoy 4x games it can't hurt to add to your library

I know its not the same, but I just bought Talisman board game (5th edition pre-ordered) and digital one on Steam.
Hoping for nice gaming sessions:)

I did for a while. The main issue for me was the time commitment it took and the cost involved.

The main issue I had, was keeping my army updated with the meta and rule changes. By the time I had an army ready it would be obsolete because the codex had changed or a new army had come out and was now popular which made it not fun to play my army anymore. It was also difficult to find people to play with, as each game took 2/3 hours. Eventually, I found a local club that played it but the people in there were very much into the competitive side of it and would change armies as the meta rotated every month. Because I mainly enjoyed the hobby aspect of assembling and painting I ended up moving to more skirmish games (Malifaux was the one I was playing at the time) that only require 5/6 figures instead of a full army.
I now mainly play boargames though as they require way less time commitment


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