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Best switches for moonlander?

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Iím a previous HHKB user myself, and Iíve tried a lot of switches and have settled on Kaihl silent pinks.  Very quiet with a shorter actuation at 1.8mm (compared to standard 2mm).  Not quite a speed switch, but more Topre like than anything else Iíve tried

Asked a similar question in ErgodoxEZ's Reddit community page and many recommended Kailh Box Whites.

Not sure if it is ok to post URLs here.

granola bar enthusiast:

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--- Quote from: kajahtaa on Sat, 14 August 2021, 16:04:58 --- Cherry is trash. Get a Chinese switch like JWK, tecsee, or Gazzew.

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Care to explain?

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sorry for posting in an old topic
JWK/Tecsee/Gazzew are some of the "hype" switches which are more popular in the MX world due to their more customizable and smoother keypresses, more down to earth producers, cheaper/better overall, and sound a lot more quieter and do things that large companies like Kailh or Cherry can't do

I would honestly go for the hot swap option in the moonlander because then you can change and tune the switches the way you like and you can go for the hunt of your fav switch. If you come from Topre though, unsure which kind of switch will give you that same feeling

Another possibility might the relatively new Gateron CJ switches. 50g actuation, 60g bottom out - so relatively light without accidental keypresses from being too light. The other thing I'm really enjoying with them is how smooth the feel is without lubing. It makes me feel like I can type more gently if that makes any sense :)


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