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Northern Virginia Meetup 2021

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A good friend of mine introduced me to the keeb world a while back and I now pour all of my time and money into it. Tale as old as time.

Despite my world being consumed by all things keyboard, however, that friend remains the only person I talk to about keyboards outside of discord. I'm pretty sure he is getting tired of listening to me talk about low to mid tier boards as my interpretation of a "reasonable" GB pricetag continues to rise over time, so I'm looking to expand my network.

I figure there has to be a fair amount of us in the DC/MD/VA area and I'd like to arrange a meetup late November-ish. Day and location is totally flexible and can be tailored around interested parties. Setting is also up in the air, but will most likely be dependent on local covid numbers and attendee vaccination status, etc.

If you'd be down for a DC/MD/VA meetup, let me know. Once I gauge interest I'll work on putting something more concrete together.

im located in the DMV and im interested. my discord is kohi#1939. i can help organize

I'm not sure if this is still in the works, but I would be interested. I'm new to custom keyboards though, so I don't have one (still using an old Logitech G710+). With that said, my friend got me into it and I would like to build my own. I already picked up some NK Silk Olivia switches and am waiting for that "special" keyboard group buy.

I know this is quite old now but I am in the DMV too and would love to meet up (at some point) with some keeb peeps. Maybe once this Covid spike dies down we could meet up. Here is my discord Frugivore#5051. I know at least one other person that would probably come as well.

I would be willing to join a meet up in the DMV too. I can probably get a friend to go as well if we make it happen.


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