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Hi all, I'm Dan from OhKeycaps. l haven't been to a meetup in quite some time and would love to meet some of you, especially those close by. Chicago has had a few meetups but they are always on Saturdays which I can never make. I would like to have a meetup on a Sunday, probably sometime in late winter early spring.

This would take place in the building where I have my office, which is in Skokie IL. The limit would be about 20 people. There is a conference room that can have about 8-10 people, and then we can have another 8-10 people just up the stairs in my office. It would be easy to move back and forth between the two rooms.

It's possible there is a larger room that is opening up, but right now that is kind of up in the air.

There would be no cost (doesn't cost me anything), parking is free, and I could provide light drinks and refreshments.

Exact address is 8150 N McCormick blvd, Skokie IL.

Keep in mind there will also be a meetup on April 30th (tentative) at Fatty's Pub. EDIT - this is in Dekalb.

Covid concerns - this is a bit far away so I'm not going to make any definitive statements regarding covid.

in Milwaukee will travel.

I could try to make it down there from Wisconsin as well. I have still literally never been able to find one remotely near me that's materialized.

Southeastern Wisconsin, I'd love to head on down.

Also Milwaukee, will travel ;)


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