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Orange County, CA Bi-Monthly Meet Ups: The Keyboard Lounge!


Hello everyone,
Introducing: The Keyboard Lounge (aka TKL). I am hosting bi-monthly (every other month) meet ups in Orange County, California. *Please excuse the flyer typo of 50 cap, it is 100 cap now.* There are two rooms: the main room and 2 classrooms. You can walk in between these two rooms and enjoy the scenery, have fun checking out keyboards, and meet other keyboard enthusiasts.

Join the discord here:

When: Saturday May 28 10AM-2PM
Where: Duck Club IRWD - 15 Riparian View, Irvine, CA 92612
Cost: Free
Registration: Monday May 23 7PM

Please take note of the registration date, as it is first come, first served. Thanks!


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