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Please share any thoughts and ideas of what you would like to see for the next version of Contoured keyboard.

Built in roller mouse.
Central numpad that can be reprogrammed like the rest of the board.
Palm keys.
Dvorak only keyset
Track point - like m13
Full size function keys.

(these aren't my ideas... ).

I'd like to see a fully-split design, and one where the function keys are mechanical (or at least a better RD than the one used now)

I also support Dvorak, but since it's all programmable (and pretty well implemented) it's not a big issue.

A GUI for Linux/mac/windows would be nice to speed the creation of keyboard profiles that could be stored on the keyboard. That's a good idea.

Finally: PBT. Dyesub preferable, but PBT. PBT has much better material properties than ABS (except since it's harder, it's more brittle, so if you hit it with a hammer several times, it'll shatter instead of just bending. This isn't much of a problem, though.) For a top-quality ergo keyboard, I'd say PBT is a must. At the very least, it's that extra bit to differentiate.

I feel like the Kinesis users use their keyboards a lot. On all my "daily driver" keyboards, I use PBT (Or POM), so the keys don't wear down that much. I'm trying to get a used Kinesis on eBay, and they all have ABS keycaps, with wear. This isn't a problem, but it's less than optimal, especially since the keycaps aren't easy to replace (The "row5" ones on the top 4 thumbkeys, especially)

I was going to humerously suggest an LCD panel, like Logitech, but I'd be afraid you'd take it seriously (Like WEY does)

The biggest things for me would be Colemak layout and PBT caps.

Maybe get rid of the non mechanical keys and add a trackpoint?

As a European, and a user of a European layout, I have to use the Alt Gr (right Alt) modifier extensively for typing special symbols, such as [ ] { } @ etc. I find it too hard to reach the thumb keys for Alt Gr on my Kinesis Advantage.
I would prefer a key in-between the finger and thumb groups, as that would most resemble how to reach the Alt Gr Key on a "flat" keyboard
I think that I could also be content if I could use one of the keys from the first row (nearest me) as thumb keys, which is not possible now because of an edge of the case being in the way.
If possible, I would also like to remap the Shift keys to easily accessible thumb keys, but that depends on there being some. I have even considered building my own Kinesis-inspired keyboard just to leverage the use of thumb keys, but I found that hard to do without a 3D-printer (even though I do build stuff out of sheet metal and cast stuff in urethane in my other hobby).

I have also found that I often place things on the area in the middle of the keyboard.. but because the case is curved there, things tend to fall off. If that space was flat, then my coffee mug would be much more stable. ;)

When you do look for idea on how to improve the keyboard, please do also look on this board for threads showing modifications that Kinesis users have made. People have put trackballs, trackpads and trackpoints in their Kinesises, and also added keys at various places. However, the amount of places where you as a mod'er can place keys is somewhat reduced by the places already being occupied by bolts, electronics, etc.


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