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lets go!!!!



--- Quote from: SMKNGNZ on Sun, 05 May 2024, 20:16:02 ---I wanted to let the community know that we are making good progress with a group, spearheaded by an active community member, to purchase Signature Plastics LLC. This new management team is full of exciting new ideas and creative approaches they plan to share with the community.
As I mentioned in the previous posts, the primary reason for the sale is to allow me to step away from the day-to-day activities of the business and enjoy retirement. Melissa will remain with SP for the foreseeable future to help carry on the legacy we have built.  She is hearing a lot of concern from customers regarding the stability of the business, understandably, but we want to assure everyone that our business remains very strong and financially sound. Lead times are currently running 6 to 8 weeks (depending on material availability). We would love to make your keyset ideas a reality. We will continue to post updates as the sale progresses.

--- End quote ---

So awesome to hear! SP is a cornerstone of the custom keycap market IMHO, & it would be a terrible loss for the community if you guys were to shut down completely. Anyways again GL with retirement, I hope you get to do all the stuff you've wanted to do but couldn't cause of work!

I do hope that one of the new amazing ideas that the next management team has, is not ****ing customers in the ass with ****ty pricing


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