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There's a new group buy that just popped up on PimpMyKeyboard!

This group buy is for an awesome keycap set for 60% keyboards, inspired by Barnett Newman’s “Voice of Fire.” For those of you familiar with the piece, I switched the colors around because I thought that felt more calming with the proportions used.

This set will be double-shot ABS in DCS profile.
(custom logo will be pad-printed)
Colors used: BFP (blue), RR (red), WA (white)

Velocirabbit Color Field icon os

The base set consists of a full set of legend-keys, with an extra Velocirabbit icon key.

Group buys in this set:
* ANSI keys with legends
* Additional ISO keys with legends
* Blank ANSI keys
* Additional blank ISO keys

Welcome to Geekhack!

An interesting colour combination - and yes, it probably is a bit less jarring with the colours you have selected.


I'm starting to think that there should be a couple more child buys to cover other keyboard sizes, though.

Maybe you should start with tenkeyless layout, that way you'll find more buyers ;)

Velocirabbit?! Cool name I love dinosaurs. Is that from a show or book? I like the dinosaur I have 3 60% and no TKL no full size so I'm only looking for 60% and hate paying for extra keys
. So I do appreciate 60% sets with lower cost!


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