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If someone guesses what this cable is for...

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They get a free cable of their choice.  Any sleeving, any ends, on me.

I'll give all non former D-Squadders a week starting now -

That took less time than I anticipated.  Bueller got it right and will get a cool cable out of it

MoreIMG_1856.jpg by tjcaustin, on Flickr
Here's the finished work -
IMG_1859.jpg by tjcaustin, on Flickr

Can I get a bigger picture so I can see it? :P

Filco cable?

You finally got the end to go to the QFR daughter board?

I've got five, but that's not what this is.  It's a bit of a trick.

When the count down is over, I'll put a picture of what it went in up.

I bet it's a cable to power a fan for yourself or soldering maybe?


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