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I'm getting a galaxy set for my incoming ergodox and thought I might as well include some novelty caps that i have absolutely no need for to use on my CM Storm.

Anyone knows what type of caps i should get? they only list some abreviated names that i've never heard before. and have a confusing document about rows with absolutely no measurements or anything...

They are mostly listed as  DCS Row 1 or SA Row 3... etc...

which can i safely buy for my CM Storm stealth TKL? and even if they are not a perfect fit, how would they look in most cases? to be honest i could use some keys that sit just a little higher than the rest...

Galaxy is DSA profile (very flat), so pretty much all novelty keys will be profile-incompatible with it.


--- Quote from: rowdy on Tue, 27 May 2014, 20:42:17 ---Galaxy is DSA profile (very flat), so pretty much all novelty keys will be profile-incompatible with it.

--- End quote ---

sorry, i was too verbose... i'm ordering the galaxy for another keyboard... and want to buy on the same order novelty caps for my CM Storm stealth TKL...

DCS, DSA, and SA are three different sets of caps which have different designs.

DSA has a flat, spherical shape, and every row of keys is the same height. Spherical means that the four sides are high, and the center is concave.

SA is also spherical, though it's considered "sculpted" (I think that's the right word), meaning each row has a different height and angle, such as you would imagine from a normal keyboard. They are also a bit taller than your average caps. Generally, they go like this: Row 1 is the top two rows (F row and number row), row 2 is QWER, row 3 is ASDF, and row 4 are the bottom two rows. Some sets of SA caps (like for an ErgoDox) are preferred to have all row 3 in SA such that the keys can be interchanged based on the user's desired layout.

DCS is cylindrical. This means the left and right side are high, and the entire center portion is concave. This is the most common type of cap we see today (at least when it comes to mechanical keyboards). The row system applies here as well. If you're looking for something for one of the top two rows, then you would choose Row 1.

Hopefully this helps you while you look at this link.

Thanks. those PDF have a few measurements at least.

so it is safe to assume my CM Storm has 100% of DCS row1 keys?

anyone have pics of how a SA row3 looks like inserted into such keyboard?


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