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Logo sharpening competition


DSC00752.jpg by tjcaustin, on Flickr

First person that gets me a high dpi scan and a watermark of my current logo gets the pictured cable mailed to them.  I'd also be down if you wanted to tweak the logo with a curled cable instead of straight. - That's the only logo picture I have, the rest got lost when it changed over from George and I want to start getting some different branded things made.

So you're after a re-creation of that linked lo-res logo? Done. Not sure what your current watermark looks like however, may want to link to a photo of it.

Edit: here's a watermark mock-up, let me know if this is what you're after.

And the SVG vector is attached.

You can keep the cable though, but if you want there's a cheap game on Steam that's on my wishlist :)

Cool, I got someone that messaged me stuff and another here.  I would say party's over.


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