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2018 WOOF!

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Love Popsi-Skull and SmallFry tribute <3

Sad to see Otterophile go, but I know itís just how things go

See you at KeyCon bby! :-*

Bittersweet seeing all of those awesome sculpts retire, but looking forward to the next chapter of HWS! Popsi-skull looks incredible, can't wait to see what it you do with it.

 Damn didn't know all those sculpts were retiring.

Loving the meet popsi skull and smallfry tribute!

I'm sad to see the sculptures retire whilst I do not have all of them in hand to admire them.

But I am also excited about future projects and what Hunger Work Studio has in store.

Sending lots of positive vibes as always.

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Looking forward to the podcast and the new design. Hopefully I can win some old ones as well.


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