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[CLOSED][GB] Domikey x iNKY Silent Sea Keycaps and mousepad and Keyboard Wrist



iNKY Studio ECO theme series NO.2 - Silent Sea finally starts!

As same as Silent Forest,  Silent Sea features in Cherry Profile and ABS doubleshot for English Alpha. Also, it includes Japanese triple-shot Alpha.  Moreover, by following the feedback from the community, iNKY Studio adds an extra B key in doubleshot keycap kit.

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GB closed on 17th Jan 2022 (PST)
Estimated delivery in May 2022

Silent Sea Mousepad

As same as Silent Forest, iNKY Studio designs a mousepad associated with the theme.


* stitched edge
* surface - microfibre cloth
* 900x400x5 mm
The following image is the mousepad render with watermark. The final product won't have the watermark.  The pattern is only the wave and the dolphin.

Silent Sea Wrist

iNKY Studio also designs a keyboard wrist for their Silent Sea theam.

The wrist is acrylic, coming with 3 styles - for 60% keyboard, 65% keyboard and 80% keyboard.


* 60% keyboard Wrist = 300 x 80 x 12 (back height 17) mm
* 65% keyboard Wrist = 320 x 80 x 12 (back height 17) mm
* 80% keyboard Wrist = 360 x 80 x 12 (back height 17) mm





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