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Greetech Brown switch review

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My SMD clear top/white bottom Greetech Browns finally arrived from Aliexpress today and I can vouch that they are exactly the same as the opaque black/black ones that I've been daily driving for the past three weeks.

The only difference is that the SMD versions feel ever so slightly sharper, but this could easily be because they are brand new and my black/black ones were probably worn in from the previous owner. I verified this hypothesis by comparing the stems of the two different versions and found that my black/black stems were ever so slightly more rounded compared to the very sharp, abrupt stems of the new SMD versions. I've attached a picture for those interested.

After a few more weeks with the SMD versions, I have to change my verdict: the SMD versions are not the same as the black/black ones, they are significantly sharper! Fortunately I don't think the actuation point or post travel are any different.


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