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Why even drink water ?

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i'd say water does not contain sugar, making it better for someone like me that drink a few liters of it every day and is overweight already, and it also is cheaper but watermelon is nice yes, even keeps itself under ambient temperatures with no electricity

I thought Americans drank Brawndo.


--- Quote from: jamster on Fri, 16 July 2021, 01:50:55 ---I thought Americans drank Brawndo.

--- End quote ---

Its got electrolytes.

I don't understand why anyone drinks water. It's always baffled me that on every single desk I encounter, there's a bottle on it SPECIFICALLY for containing the stuff, so that people can keep drinking it all day long. Kinda revolting in a way.

I hate water. Why not just drink something that's tastier? Even if that is mostly water, it's better than just water alone. Water is for washing you socks in and fox fish to make love in. That **** shouldn't be for drinking.

Is your hatred of water is your secret for such a deep voice?


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