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WYSE caps, but not linear switches!
« on: Sat, 18 August 2012, 11:45:00 »
Thanks to Quarzac and inlikeflynn for hooking me up.  I'd previously been using some "SP font" RGBs and random keycaps to fill out my board, now it's all proper like thanks to having a matching space bar, caps lock, and menu key.  MX clears and Wyse keycaps, it's a good combination!  Now I just can't decide which look I prefer.  Also considering moving keycaps around, my DD @ work is a Filco currently with clears, Cherry beige doubleshots, and RGBYs...  might mix it up and put black DS on the Leopold and put the Wyse on the Filco, I don't know.  Since it's a Wyse day I'm actually typing this on a Wyse PS/2 board, trying out the blacks again just for grins.

I did notice in the "plain" pic that I'd grabbed an Esc key that didn't match the F-row keys, I've fixed that, unfortunately that one is more yellow :(
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