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got my SMK-85 from EBAY today

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--- Quote from: elmomax ---mr_sf_applet ---- have you found a SMK 85 with Black ALPS -- I am still looking, but I am losing hope. :(
--- End quote ---

No, I have not. I've been looking for the past few weeks. When I ordered that silver and black SMK-85 from, I was actually expecting black Alps sliders because I knew thatt xsphat's SMK-85 had'em. So I was surprised to get white Alps instead. I was curious about the black Alps because of xsphat's raves on this forum. And now I'm even more curious because of how much you like them as well.

But I have to say that I quite like  the white Alps sliders, after a somewhat difficult adjustment period. I want to experience the black Alps out of curiosity, not out of dissatisfaction with the white Alps sliders.

I am now sitting here gazing at my SMK 85 with its beloved black ALPS switches wishing I had treated it with more kindness. It probably needs cleaning as some of the keys feels stiffer than others -- too much coffee and crumbs from eating while working.

I want so much to go back to using my beloved  keyboard but the earlier one I had stopped working and I am distressed at the thought that this  keyboard may stop working as well and then where do I go?  This is nuts I know .. but I type a good deal for work reasons -- writing reports -- and a keyboard is important to me -- when I found this SMK about five years ago I fell in love immediately.... I knew I had found the perfect keyboard.  Nutty I know... but true. I do not have space for a non compact keyboard on my drop down tray and I hate reaching over the number keys to my mouse... so  finding a mini keyboard is criticial.

Where else can I look to lay my hands on a compact keyboard with Black ALPS or similar switches... I would consider soldering if I could do that... such is my level of desperation.  And from this rambling, you can probably tell I am a chick. :roll:

I believe there is a mini Northgate - would that suffice for me?

I don't know about any mini Northgates, but have you considered the possbility of sending your beloved black Alps SMK-85 to that site fkeidjn gave you above:

for repairs?

I do not like my black ALPS keyboard -- I adore it!   I had spent countless hours searching for a new keyboard that was just like it. That is how I found this forum.

 I have had this keyboard 2 or maybe 3 years and with keys not feeling right recently, I thought it may die on me. I had no idea that it would be so hard to replace this keyboard again.  It has now become obsession LOL  I knew nothing about switches till I joined this board. I did know that the keys were mechanical and it was not until I joined this board and popped a key that I learned it was black ALPS.  I have been digging about trying to find where I bought this keyboard from -- but it is probably not available anymore....  I will pay a bounty to anyone who can find one for me again.... I am going to keep looking, but I am losing hope.  Even if I can tolerate the strongman switches, I cannot stand to look at the silver case on this keyboard... it offends me -- it is beyond ugly.... it is butt awful. What were they thinking. Silver ich with beige and grey keys. butt awful.

Whiskey in the Jar-o:
Look through all the usual sites: , etc... You should be able to find one. I am not aware of any mini Northgates.


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