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--- Quote from: HungerMechanic on Sun, 24 October 2021, 15:05:08 ---The show is introducing elements from other books in the series in order to flesh it out. It bothers me greatly that they are doing things out-of-sequence, outside of the story beats Asimov laid down.

--- End quote ---

In asimov's time period, his stuff was fresh,  but modern audiences have seen alot of his stuff borrowed into other sci-fi, so it wouldn't make sense to _unravel_ plot elements in the same order.

Yes, I can see that they are trying to provide explanations for things that the viewers might already be familiar with, and doing so in an in-university context.

Although I still think that Asimov's generation-skipping psychohistory concept is "fresh" in the sense that nobody has adapted it in terms of story structure: skipping ahead with nearly a whole new cast each time. Anthology shows are popular right now, so there would be a justification for that approach.

Episode 8 So gud''   Thoroughly entralled...

Lots of questions, but perhaps answering them isn't the point, because logical conclusions would only makes it "less compelling"

Also the sound track is prety kewl well worth listening through.

Hrrrrrrrrrrmmmmm.... Hrmrmrmrmrrmrmmrm.mmmmmmmmmmmmmm......

Ok...... but can they actually pull off an interesting civil war plot in space,  it's never been done well.


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