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1001 arabian nights (british version)


First time reading the translation by Sir Richard Francis:

Lots of head scratching for Tp4, the pretext being, Sir Richard is an expert of the orient, and of many languages.  Supposedly this represents some high end translation which preserves the "flavor" of the original text, but it's SO ODD to read.

"" So King Shah Zaman passed his night in the
palace and, next morning, when his brother had fared forth, he
removed from his room and sat him down at one of the lattice
windows overlooking the pleasure grounds; and there he abode
thinking with saddest thought over his wife's betrayal and
burning sighs issued from his tortured breast. And as he
continued in this case lo! a pastern of the palace, which was
carefully kept private, swung open and out of it came twenty
slave girls surrounding his bother's wife who was wondrous fair,
a model of beauty and comeliness and symmetry and perfect
loveliness and who paced with the grace of a gazelle which
panteth for the cooling stream. Thereupon Shah Zaman drew back
from the window, but he kept the bevy in sight espying them from
a place whence he could not be espied. They walked under the very
lattice and advanced a little way into the garden till they came
to a jetting fountain amiddlemost a great basin of water; then
they stripped off their clothes and behold, ten of them were
women, concubines of the King, and the other ten were white
slaves. Then they all paired off, each with each: but the Queen,
who was left alone, presently cried out in a loud voice, "Here to
me, O my lord Saeed!" and then sprang with a drop leap from one
of the trees a big slobbering blackamoor

I read the one translated by Hussain Haddawy. It's pretty good, but yeah, some of the stories are somewhat weird.

My favourite quote is the one from the enchanted king: "You, dirtiest of ****s and filthiest of all venal women who ever desired and copulated with black slaves, yes it was I who did this to him."

Supposedly from the 13th century and on is when it picked up all the sec-c side quest stories.

It's weird that SOOOooo Many of the stories involve some rich/ royal guy's wife cheating on him with a "black guy".

LOLOL.... Seems like this trope has gone on for millenia.


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