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Dolch PAC keyboard in a MY white case

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Got this Frankenstein from taobao. The keycaps look great, most of the keys look like new, no shine except for the spacebar. However, there are some caps with small scratches  :( :( :(.

BONUS: added some SP's caps

I like it, another nice color combination on the 1800's
I think I was looking at that same board on taobao but never ended up getting it.

Shine on spacebar might be factory shine. I have a NIB g81 with double shots, 7x spacebar, it was shiny as hell. My dolch from taobao also had the same shine.

Do you know what year code the case is from? I tried to fit my dolch in a 1998 case and it wont fit.

Based on the serial no. which has letter "L", the case should be produced in 1999.

I don't understand the term "factory shine". Did they forget sandblasting the keycaps? My spacbar actually still has some texture on it.

The one I used is year code J which is 1997 according to the wiki. Any that came from a winkeyless board should work though.


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