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Received in the mail this week, SGI "granite" board, Mionix Naos 3200, and the brown thing underneath is a piece of Masonite with clear contact paper on top and some shelf liner underneath.  Makes for a surprisingly nice mouse surface.  (whipped that up because I was getting sick of using a piece of printer paper as a mouse pad - and I don't like cloth pads.)

I'm quite happy with the Granite, it doesn't look good in the pics but other than a little yellow on the space bar I think it will respond nicely to a good cleaning.  The case doesn't look like it's badly yellowed at all.  As I posted in the keyboards forum though, it surprisingly doesn't play nice with the usually recommended Belkin adapter, I had to dig a Ziotek out of the junk box to get it to work.

I do need a wrist rest though... (and yes, the Masonite is about an inch shorter than my keyboard tray, that's because I had a piece that was 24" wide and the keyboard tray is about 25"...  I know, I'm lazy.)


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