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[GB] BIOI G60BLE Rev2 Dual Mode Bluetooth PCB + Cora 60% Keyboard Case

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Hello community! This groupbuy is following our IC thread:

BIOI G60BLE PCB is a dual-mode bluetooth PCB. Now is the rev2 groupbuy.


* Matte black (sample photos are shown in black color), gold pads
* QMK firmware, VIA compatible
* Multiple layouts support for default version

* Tsangan layout for hotswap version.

* BT4.0, available on most devices and systems like Win10, iPad and iPhone
* Supports USB/BT devices switching
* Battery module installing position
* Additional 1.0mm SH connector for battery socket
* Full guide by Scott Wei:
* Compatible with C3 daughter board (2021.3.18 confirmed, will add it to this round GB)PCB upgradations comparing to previous versions:

* Add ESD ic to protect PCB from electrostatic disturbance
* Add anti-insert protection for battery. You don't burn your PCB if you plug in wrong this time.
* Add 2u L-shift layout for default version, which is so called 64 arrow keys layout.
* Add connector for battery module which is compatible with Nokia BL-5J or BL-5c batteries.This time we specially design a case for it - Cora:

* Aluminum, coated coloring
* 6 degree slope
* Size 296.5mm x 116mm x 30mm
* Battery compartment size 90mm x 44mm x 8.75mm
* 1kg approximately
* Standard GH60 screw positions (middle one is removed for flexibility)
* Colors: banana, light sand, concrete and turquoiseAnd another specially designed part for both PCB and Cora - battery module:

* Compatible with Nokia BL-5J & BL-5C batteries
* Easily installed by connector and screwsGroupbuy time: 2021.2.22 ~ 2021.3.24
Estimated date shipping time of PCB order: 2 month after GB ends

Estimated date shipping time of orders including Cora: 3 month after GB ends


* Default version PCB: 55USD
* Hotswap version PCB: 60USD
* Cora 60% keyboard case: 90USD → 85USD
* Battery module: 8USD
* PK x BIOI 60% FR4 plate: 20USD → 18USD (is only available for additional purchasing when put a PCB in your cart in product pages for both items) Buy Link:

Payment: Paypal

Approved :thumb:

Finally. Buying this on March 3  ;D


--- Quote ---Groupbuy time: 2020.2.22 ~ 2020.3.24
--- End quote ---

Let it end already! :D


--- Quote from: lush_bunny on Mon, 22 February 2021, 04:47:50 ---Finally. Buying this on March 3  ;D

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the support! :thumb:

--- Quote from: konart on Mon, 22 February 2021, 06:20:18 ---
--- Quote ---Groupbuy time: 2020.2.22 ~ 2020.3.24
--- End quote ---

Let it end already! :D

--- End quote ---

 :-X That was a stupid mistake.


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