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Established users who cannot see Classifieds...

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You need only post once on the new forum software so that you can participate and see Classifieds and Group Buys.

Say hi, let us know what you did while waiting for GH to come back ;)

I see. I was thinking why those market places board are disappeared.

Just replied to another post with the same goal... hoping this one lets me have access?

EDIT: This post finally gave me access to the other forums. This should be a site wide notice at the top of the forums, incredibly weird.

I've been waiting for the modifications forum to come back online. Hopefully my first post in the new system will reveal it. If not, are the mod articles going to be restored at some point too?

I am excite :D Time to make my FC700R Review >_> Got that during the GH downtime since I was on vacation in the motherland.


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