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heatware vs itrader?

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hey folks,

rknize and i were discussing the difficulty of implementing an itrader like extension given the other fires burning, and we were wondering, what are the concrete advantages that a forum-specific itrader-like extension would have over just standardizing on heatware?

Would it be possible to reuse any of the existing itrader data or is that gone?

I was just about to ask about this!

I personally am fine with heatware, especially since I know a mess of us frequent other nerdy forums. I'm sure it would benefit many. We could definitely ask them to add us to the drop-down list considering how much we love to test/trade boards and caps (still can write it in if not).

I don't know much about itrader, but I assume it would allow for a bit more moderation/control over any possible errors or exploitation. Guess that depends on if or how much you want to "police" it. Can you shed some light on how much control you would have? Or want to? Many forum admins and moderators don't want to get involved in disputes.

I don't care, as long as I don't have to sign up for another site

itrader was the old feedback module we used on vB4. we still have the old feedback database, but there's no clean feedback module for SMF that we like, and even then, to recover that data we would have to put effort into translating between the table schemas. is the standard feedback website for pc enthusiast websites (eg, OCN, anandtech, hardforum, etc.). i am absolutely sure we could get added to the drop-down (in fact, i'm going to go ahead and request that now), the question is whether you, the users, have a concrete reason why we should prioritize building our own proprietary trader feedback system.

also, fyi, we did _not_ police the old itrader system (in fact in a year or two worth of data we had only a  handful of non-positive feedbacks, period)


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