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Child boards for buy/sell/trade

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Sometimes I glance through Classifieds to see what people are selling, but at least half the posts are WTB or WTT.

How about adding separate child boards for buy, sell and trade?

One problem might be if someone has something to sell or trade - perhaps a rule or guideline to post in just the sell board?

they are more likely to be tabs than child boards, but yes, we would like to make it easy to filter by transaction type; it's on our todo list

filtering would be much better than child boards, we have too many subforums as is

Filtering would probably only work if there was some way of clearly separating out the WTS from the WTB from the WTT, but it would reduce confusion for people wanting to WTS/WTT or other combinations.

Thanks mkawa, looking forward to it :)

Yeah, a multiple-item filter would be good (think the difference between checkboxes and radio buttons or drop-downs for choices -- not necessarily a design consideration).


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