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--- Quote from: cswanic on Tue, 19 January 2016, 07:35:45 ---Hi livingspeedbump, just a few questions if I may and thank you for putting a thread together for this. 
1.  How many key switches are included with the ergodox kit? 
2.  How many key switches are required to cover all the keys? 
3.  Is the ergodox kit "plate mounted" or "pcb mounted"? 
4.  Are stabilizers included? 
5.  What kind of stabilizers are included and also what type of mount are they?

The reason for these questions is related to a separate GB running for switches and there are available stabilizers too, but I need to know specifically what type to buy for a ergodox, I understand that the drop includes all the parts but since it will take some time for the parts to arrive assuming everything is perfect from the start, I am also a novice at installation and though I have a Hakko solder gun and desolder gun, I don't have a way to fix burned plastic (of course, if I have an extra switch laying around, problem solved! :p

Also, one more set of questions for the old KC60 we jumped on the first go around. 
a.  Are the KC60 switches "plate mounted" or "pcb mounted"?
b.  Are the stabilizers "plate mounted" or "pcb mounted"?

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I believe 76 switches are needed, I got 78 in the kit.

Ergodox (and KC60) are both plate mounted, with plates that have openings on the side of the switch that allow the user to unclip the tops and tune the switches easily.

Stabilizers are included, both the ErgoDox and KC60 use plate mount Costar stabs.


I got an Ergodox Infinity earlier this year, but skipped the keycaps as I didn't like the ones offered and thought they'd be fairly easy to get hold of. Unfortunately that wasn't the case!

I've built the keyboard itself, and I've now ordered a keycap set via Massdrop - unfortunately the keycaps have a surprisingly long lead time on them!

Can't wait to use it in anger :)

i just got my ergoDox infinity package from md and it is so royally screwed up. there are no pcbs, and i have two right hand cases. and after looking at the discussion on the md page i found out that a lot of people are having similar issues. you think the shipping manager would at least look at a picture of the final build before organizing/disorganizing his team. but really all this makes sense if you consider that md is really busy making sure that they don't send out two right socks to all of their apparel customers.


--- Quote from: KeLorean on Sat, 18 November 2017, 11:23:58 ---...i have two right hand cases...

--- End quote ---

Lucky for you, you also have two left hand cases!!

But really, the acrylic sandwich cases for the Infinity are symmetric, so you got the correct cases. Sucks to hear about the PCBs though, there were a TON of problems with that on this drop.


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