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Sets like these really make me resent using a custom layout (1.75/1.25/1.25/1.25 arrows on an 60% layout)

The set is beyond incredible, I will probably look for an alternative layout and keyboard that I can use with this set, likely one that resembles old apple keyboards


That yellow is the sex and I sure wish he would include it on the base set or in the color mods somehow.  Maybe an accent kit with yellow ESC and Enter?

Hey, I just noticed the colors would go well with my avatar!!

Indeed incredible, I guess a 1800 could go well with this set, using that single yellow keycap

Colors always confuse me, so making due with the base colors might be a good option too

I just noticed the F/J alternatives are scooped, yet, the numpad 5 alternative looks like it's bumped/underlined, wonder what the homing situation is

Seems incredible.  Nice colors, options, and with an interesting profile.  I see no mention of GMK, or Signature Plastics.  Who is actually manufacturing this set?

Nice combo of Beige with Cool Gray, Love this already  :thumb: .

PLUS all PBT as well : )  What's not to like here?

Perfectly customized for any keyboard layout and using a new XDA profile as well.  Hope this is offered soon, for us key-cap addicts because it already has been planned for several keyboards here in Convict Town  8) .


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