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GalaxC PBT full dye-sub graphic button sets $57.99 on MD


These look pretty cool—I'm surprised no one's mentioned them:

GalaxC PBT All Over Dye-Subbed Keycap Set (Massdrop)

Lowest price reached: 104-key set $57.99 + shipping ($99.00 MSRP)

And BTW, they're buttons, not "caps". "Caps" are the top half of the two-piece buttons on IBM BS boards. Beats me why people started calling them "caps", but it's just wrong. Ask anyone who was around in the '80s–'90s (like me). (I suppose you could also call them "keys", but that term's usually used in the context of operation, e.g. "Press any key".)

And please, no anti-Massdrop rants here... I know not everyone's enamoured with MD, but this isn't the place. Thanks!


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