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Got charged during the Keycap Re-cap for Choco, but no confirmation and refund


During the recent keycap re-cap, I was able to complete the paypal checkout for the Chocolatier set, but it seems that during the redirect back to massdrop, the inventory ran out and I got an error. Have reached out to support and they said the refund would kick in 3-5 business days, but it's been a week now and I still haven't even received the refund email from PayPal (gets sent when Massdrop triggers the refund), and it's been very difficult trying to get support to respond.

It's for $100. I just want to get the money back so I can use it for another drop.

Hey there, please shoot me your transaction number via PM and I'll have the support team look into it!

Happened to some people I know, and they got a refund as soon as it was forwarded to the account management team.


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