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Please do not buy anything at MASSDROP.

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I bought 2 ergo keycaps  (gmk carbon and sa choclate) at Massdrop, both lost. I didn't receive them so far. And they didn't reply anything.
They think consumers are stupid.



Although I've bought at least a dozen things from Massdrop, shipped to Australia, without issue (apart from the dismal Triumph Adler packaging, which was not their fault but the plastic boxes GMK packaged the sets in.

I wouldn't buy from them for personal reasons anymore, but they did at least respond to my queries/refund requests (when I did many, many months ago). Seems quite unusual that they haven't in this case.

I bought a set of vortex caps a few years back, had some issues with fitment (3), and duplicates/missing (2-3).  They got back to me right away, letting me know they were working on replacements for me (they let me know up front it would be a few months potentially).  I ended up getting back to them about 6 months later and they ended up sending me an entirely new full keycap set for waiting.


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