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--- Quote from: RonnocDa on Sat, 08 May 2021, 00:07:04 ---I'll do one better and quickly set up a breadboard with Reset wired in.

Here's a list of the keyboards which are working perfectly
C260 Enhanced Keyboard (Deyi foam and foil)
Northgate Omnikey 101
Zenith ZKB-2
IBM 5576-001 (except keys outside range of ps/2)
Toshiba JIS AT101 (rear metal label very helpfully reads キーボード and serial number only  :) )
Dell AT101 - GYI3PVAT101 (old logo)
Wang 724
Unicomp Model M
IBM P70 Keyboard

--- End quote ---

Could you tell me what Wang 724 use hex

Timpanogos Slim:
Anybody consider making an internal hard-wire version, say with pads for a USB-C female and holes that would accept a common captive USB2 cable?

I decided to revive my old Omnikey 101, which i bought new when i wasn't so old. Can't find the original cable so i ordered a replacement. And it occurred to me that it wouldn't be hard to design a printable USB-C bulkhead that replaces the mini-din socket on it.

I may design that alone and see if i can implement this on an atmega32u4 "beetle" development board, which is a tiny thing designed to plug directly into a USB-A female socket, and thus has nice big pads for the usb connection.

Updated source code and prebuilt firmware files. You can access new firmware on github repo or Keymap Editor.

Added PS/2 mouse and secondary interface support. Also fixed ISO key mapping on XT keyboard.

Using PS/2 Y-splitter cable you can  keyboard and mouse, or two keyboards at same time now.
If you have TMK IBMPC(PS/2) converter you can try the feature instantly. This is a fun at least!

2021-08-17 Fix XT keymap for ISO key.
2021-07-07 Add support for secondary interface and PS/2 Mouse(IntelliMouse, ExplorerMouse and Logitech PS/2++)

For keyboards that have two sets of F1-F12 keys, is it possible to use the firmware to remap one set of F keys to be something different from the other set of F keys? I assume that would be difficult to do since they send the same scan codes.

Examples of keyboards:
Northgate Omnikey Ultra/Ultra-T
Focus FK-5001
Gateway AnyKey
Ortek MCK-142 Pro

If the two keys have same scan code they are logically same key. The converter can't discriminate them.


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