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Soldering Iron/Station.

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--- Quote from: British;212133 ---What size is the soldering iron tip you used ?
Any useful tip for a rusty-not-so-good-solderer ?
--- End quote ---

Just to update an answer to an old question. Most people will point you to the direction of a Weller. To those professionals, Hakko are arguably the best manufacturer of Soldering Irons (Made in Nippon), but they are also extremely expensive, which is why many people use other lesser quality products.
     Now Prayers have been answered, an OEM product (supposedly manufactured by Hakko, :tape2:), but with an absurdly cheap affordable price tag, $39.95 which includes one FREE replacement ceramic heating element. In the UK, it's slightly more expensive at 29.12p (Inclusive of VAT).

Or if you prefer a Digital display model at a slightly higher price.

CircuitSpecialist or CircuitSpecialist_Europe.

There are large numbers of "El Cheapo" from the Central Kingdom, but this is Quality at price which even my frail memory cannot forget, I'll purchase one very soon to replace my ancient Weller SI25D.

NB: Be sure to check YouTube on how to Tin the soldering iron tip to enjoy many wonderful hours of soldering (it too can become addictive).

Crap right after I bought a TMC off ebay for $30

How many watts does that station offer? I have some cheap soldering irons with 25 watt and they take quite some time to (re-)heat.

My trusty old Weller might not have anything fancy (temperature is controlled by the magnetic tip), but it still does the job well with its 50 watts.

I'm now deciding on the Analog Lead Free model.


--- Quote from: ripster;220590 ---Does it take Weller tips?
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Better ask Welly about the Wellers.


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