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Do you have multiple, questionable, tabs open? Is your work from home desk a moist cave? Do you keep your camera off for meetings because you might possibly have no pants on? If so, you might just be a degenerate like the rest of us. Remind yourself of your proud lifestyle with this desk mat!


* 1200x420x1mm size
* $69.69 apiece (nice)
* Not stain resistant but will stop fluids from reaching your desk I guess
* Main focal point in the middle so it is constantly covered by your keyboard
* Rough texture because I can apparently get away with overcharging because of this unimpressive feature
* Will ship folded, not rolled, in a thin FedEx bubble mailer to build character
* Will be using the same color matching as 8008 for increased “accuracy” (double checked by the gmk bread peeps as well)
* Shipping worldwide except to Ohio
* Vendors would not reply to my inquiry so I am the only vendor (huzzah!)

Please fill out this entirely too long form that requires all of your personal info as well as your email address multiple times to ensure accuracy. Emails will be placed on a notification list that will never actually notify you of the sale so you miss out when it drops.

unfunniest one so far


--- Quote from: rookb on Fri, 01 April 2022, 13:07:22 ---unfunniest one so far

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strong agree


--- Quote from: rookb on Fri, 01 April 2022, 13:07:22 ---unfunniest one so far

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