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[IC] 78° N Screw Tray by Aiglatson Studio/ Prototypes picture updated !!

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Greetings, enthusiasts. Welcome to the interest check forum of our latest product, the “ 78° N SCREW TRAY ” by Aiglatson Studio. The intention of this post is to gauge interest and ask for the community’s feedback to estimate demand.

• INSPIRATIONThe 78° N Screw Tray design is inspired by Saturn's Hexagon, a mysterious yet perfect hexagonal hurricane that crowns the solar system's most photogenic planet. This gigantic six-sided jet stream encircles Saturn's north pole near 78° N latitude was first discovered by NASA's Voyager mission in 1981 and was revisited by the Cassini mission in 2006.

"The hexagon is just a current of air, and weather features out there that share similarities to this are notoriously turbulent and unstable. A hurricane on Earth typically lasts a week, but this has been here for decades -- and who knows -- maybe centuries."
-Andrew Ingersoll

The 78° N is an elegant aluminium screw tray that features a minimal hexagonal design. They incorporate stylish engraving with enamel filling and contrasting colour custom rubber feet to compliment the overall look of the tray.

• DESIGN FEATURESFinely sandblasted anodized/e-coating 6063 Aluminium Alloy
Rounded edge custom rubber feet
Engraving with enamel fill
95.36 mm in width and 12.75 mm thick (Includes rubber feet)

• DESIGN VARIATIONSTwo versions of the tray were introduced. Both versions are overly identical, except for the engravings they offer. If the vote in the IC form is unanimous, only the winning design will proceed. However, both versions will be introduced if the votes are relatively similar with high demand.

Version I
The first version features the iconic “AS.” engraving on the front side and our logo engraving on the back.

Version II
The second version offers only the “AS.” engraving on the back, giving it a more minimal look.

• COLOUR OPTIONSThese are just renders, real colours will be updated when the prototypes arrive

• VENDORS TBD (Please contact us through our social media if interested)

• PRICING Price: $40-45 USD (Depending on demand) "IN-STOCK"

Please help us fill in the IC form if you are interested. Much appreciated


“Our goal is to make every occasion you perceive our product a moment of physical and emotional satisfaction and privilege.”
-Aiglatson Studio

• PROTOTYPESVersion I (Colourway: Orca)

Version II (Colourway: Saturn's Aurora)

Very cool design

Really like the inspiration for this

Absolutely beautiful design, color choice, and names for each of the colors. I'd love to see this on my desk some day


--- Quote from: yangsiyin on Sat, 30 April 2022, 07:32:15 ---Very cool design

--- End quote ---
Thank you. Appreciate it


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