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Does this work ?

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Felt harder to read the bolded one.

Seems really gimmicky to me. The bolded one looks more cluttered & messy, also doesn't make any noticeable improvement to my speed or comprehension of the text. I see what they are going for, by bolding the first few letters of each word in theory someone could use that to speed up their reading. In practice though it doesn't pan out that way it seems. Well at least it doesn't seem to help me at all, in fact I feel like it's a hinderance.

That is kind of interesting.

It may be that being more "difficult" means that it forces you to focus harder. Their goal is that you walk away having absorbed more content.

They never said that it would be "easier" to read, the "shallow form of reading" they refer to might be similar to what we used to call "skimming" and that is not an optimal study style.

suspect the bolds might not be in the right place for everyone, Tp4 does not read single words, Tp4 reads blocks of paragraphs and at the very least 3-5 words at a time.

Thought this was something to do with subpixel rendering of fonts but actually the bionic version was significantly quicker and easier to read (I read it first as it looked "interesting" so not helped by remembering the normal version)


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