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I'm here to show you one of the projects I've been working on for the last few months. The theme behind this board is the grooves in music that I listen to while fooling around in Fusion 360.


* Plateless with Jane v2 style mounting points
* 7 degree typing angle
* Primary mounting: Geonworks tadpoles through the pcb
* Alternative mounting: gummy o-ring mount with plate
* Cursed sides that has been statistically proven to be a major factor in machinists leaving their jobs
* F13 WKL only (F12 may be a possibility for the production run)
* Two piece weight (brass internal, SS304 external)
* 2.8KG build
* Colors TBD
* Custom PCB designed by SLEEPDEALER

More pictures

Soundtest by $W4GK!NG

Build stream by $W4GK!NG

Sale Information

* I am going to run a mini GB for this project through Hex.Keyboard: this is because I have multiple projects active at the moment.
* For the larger sale - it is currently scheduled after the Papilio
* The groupbuy spot is open to every members in my discord server.
* My target price is under 500USD for 1 kit (without plate)
You can keep in touch with the project and other projects in my discord server: DiscordI also intend to run small initial group buys for my other projects in the server
Thank you to everyone who supports me and spends time reading this ic, especially Dark who helped me with CAD for this project, and every member in my discord.


edit 1 (25/5/22): added more pics taken from my iPhone XR under the more pics section. They are not the best but they should give you an idea of how the board looks from other angles 

How does every single one of your projects manage to have a more cursed side profile than the last. All joking aside, this is a super cool project and the board looks ****ing amazing. Thank you for being such a wholesome dude and GLWIC.

so stupid and i love it

love this love u i want one thanks


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