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Plate mounted Poker update. Officially complete!

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Lethal Squirrel:
Here is a little log of my PBC Poker plate mount mod. This is a somewhat simple project you can do if you have a spare mounting plate laying around. All you have to do is desolder the switches, cut the board down to size, and solder the switches back in.
Here are a few pics of the process.

Pulling the switches for the PCB

Plate cut to size

Switches soldered back on.

The black switches are replacements for switches that got soda spilled on them. They have red springs.

And here it is with the keycaps back on.

The trickiest part was getting it to fit in the case. I had to grind down the front of the plate, and sand down the inside edges of the case.

Grinded down case. Removed about 1.5mm

Here is the front of the plate grinded down. I took off about 1mm. Maybe 1.5mm

I also had to drill holes that were bigger around that the screws, so the screws could fir through the plate, and screw into the PCB like normal. I did this by drilling through the screw holes on the PCB, then getting a larger bit and drilling trough the holes on the plate that were made from drilling through the PCB holes. If that makes sense xD

Here are some pics of the finished product!  ;D

As I said before, this looks good! Would definitely buy a plate mounted poker.

Lethal Squirrel:
This one might be for sale soon ;P

Hit me up, i would be willing to buy just the plate too :)

Great work! I'm curious how it feels, I bet its much better (Personal preference)


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